Fresh Launch

New image series called Vibrations I’ve started this March with a group titled Allay “A.S.I.D.E.” In this series I will continue to present the compositions in a largely unmanipulated manner (only ever making adjustments within levels: the highlights, lowlights, and mid-tones).


Incredible performance tonight at the Center for the Arts by Gallam Dance.

Taking my seat in the front row of the balcony between two families with small children I was certain the evening could go any number of ways. Sipping on my house red (among an audience of many doing the same) I listened to the credits, the presenter’s thank you’s and welcomed the performance with a single handed gentle clap as my other hand maintained its grasp on the plastic cup of diminishing wine.

I’d have put the wine down had I known what was immanently ahead.

Abstract at first, representational in parts, maturely theatrical…

"…you left me with eyes that cry…"